Building an Animation Table From Scratch (DIY)


This Christmas I took on a pretty big project in total secrecy. I built Denise an animation table.

A few months earlier, we had taken a trip to the hardware store to see what it would cost—hypothetically speaking—to build an animation table from scratch. After we had finished our research, we both let the idea pass by because neither of us had the means nor the time to build something like that…

Or so she thought! *gasp* I spent the next few months leading up to Christmas secretly toiling away in my parent’s garage, under the semi-true pretense that I was building a curio cabinet for my sister. ( I did build a curio cabinet for my sister this year, but I finished that project in a few short days, and kept going back to my parent’s to work on the table ).

The table top is built out of high grade Baltic Birch, stained and varnished three times each. The hole for the animation disc was cut out with a router, and is inset so that the disc sits flush with the surface of the table. The light is a two ring fluorescent ceiling light fixture, the switch is a standard wall switch, and the cord is salvaged from an extension cord.

Once the entire unit was built, and I had dad double check my wiring, I retro-fitted onto Denise’ old drafting table legs as the hardware was quite sturdy. If you’re thinking about building one yourself, drop me a line and I’ll try to help if I can.

And by the way—she loved it. 😀




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