About me…

Hi, I’m Dan, a professional graphic designer and web developer working in Winnipeg, Canada. I like to design and code, and build things in real life too.

CGD Certified

The CGD after my name stands for “CGD Certified”, meaning I’ve submitted a portfolio of professional work to a peer-review panel, and been accepted into the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC). In other words, I’m certified as a capable designer, and a decent human being. GDC is Canada’s national association for design professionals, and as soon as I had enough experience, I got my portfolio together and applied for professional membership. You can find my face here on their member directory.

Employed at Manoverboard

I’ve been working at Manoverboard since 2010, an awesome web studio in the heart of the country. We’re the first B Corp in Manitoba, and we make great sites, identities and more—day in, day out.

Diploma: Advanced Graphic Design (Honours)

In 2007, I graduated with honours from Red River College’s three year Advanced Graphic Design program. I learned a lot, and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. Fun fact: I recently coded the new RRC website! It’s a well-organized wordpress network of 60+ child sites.  Go figure!

Diploma: 3D Computer Graphics

Graphic design is great, but so is 3D animation. I’ve been very passionate about it since high school, but it made sense to me to start with a foundation of design. I was hired at the open house and worked as a designer for a year before deciding to go back to school to learn 3D, this time just for fun! As a bonus I met the love of my life there.

As seen on “World Wide Web”

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