Why is the Scale Wrong When I Import SVG From Adobe Illustrator Into Blender?

When you use Adobe Illustrator (all versions) to generate an SVG file, and then you import it into blender, the scale will be wrong. You need to scale your shapes up to 1.33333333 times the original (that’s 4/3 the original size.You can either:

a) Make no changes in illustrator and scale it in blender. But if you do this you’ll want to clear your scale transformation if scale matters for this file.

b) Scale it up 1.333 times before you export. You’ll want a save a copy of your illustrator file so you don’t lose your original scale. Then they will already be the correct size from the moment they appear in blender.

Credit for this solution belongs to username REACTION from BLENDER NATION. Please visit the comment thereĀ  to learn more:

From Adobe Illustrator to Blender

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