The Front Yard – RC01

In August of 2012, I took an interest in remote controlled airplanes. That quickly evolved into an interest in remote control helicopters because they had so much more to offer—more complicated flight controls, the ability to hover in one spot, and more interesting physics of flight.

I started with a tiny fixed pitch helicopter, and outgrew it in a couple weeks. From there I learned how to fly collective pitch on a flight simulator until I was confident I could pilot a real CP heli without crashing it. That’s when I got the Walkera V120D02S. Tiny, durable and affordable, this heli allows me to work on my piloting skills in the real world, without much fear of crashing:


Soon after that I discover that some folks actually make little flight videos by strapping video cameras to RC helicopters. Great idea! I soon ordered a cheap keychain camera and elastic-banded it underneath my heli.


Not bad for a start!

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