Liftoff Flight Sim

This is a video of a few of my flights in a drone flying simulator called Liftoff. Lately I’ve been learning to fly in ACRO mode which has no flight assists. It’s surprisingly difficult to fly a drone at high speed a few feet off the ground. My hat’s off to all those pro racers out there.

I’ve done some aerial filming in the past with a heavy drone I built before anybody knew what a DJI phantom was, and before the strict modern flight regulations. It was very powerful (how about that take-off! whoof!), and by its end of life, carried a three-axis gimbal that stabilized a full-size GoPro camera. I keep it grounded today.

I developed an aerial filming drone which was featured on It’s under 250gram in weight, which makes it exempt from the new stricter regulations, as it poses no danger to the public. It’s designed with a custom lens tilt that I can rotate from forward to straight down by a knob on my transmitter during flight, which is quite special for a custom-designed drone in the weight class.

The improved piloting ability will hopefully come in handy once it starts taking flight.

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