Presenter at Sustainable UX Webinar: 2018

In 2018, I had the honor of participating as a speaker in the Sustainable UX webinar. This annual webinar is intended for UX, front-end, and product people who want to make a positive impact—on climate-change, social equality, and inclusion.

Andrew Boardman and I co-presented on the topic of Serving.Green, a three-firm joint initiative that, “hopes to demonstrate, in accessible and user-friendly terms, the importance of green data centers to our global and connected economies and the role that websites and applications play in warming our climate.” ~

I was the lead web developer on this project and coded the vast majority of the website. In my segment of the presentation (8:49), I discuss the techniques and technologies that went into making this website.

View the whole presentation: Serving Green
Hear my segment: Hear me talk

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