Converting a Spectrum DX5e Transmitter (TX) to Mode 3 (DIY)

I have written this post because i could not find the process explained anywhere else. This content is written from memory of something i did many months ago, so for now, this process will have to remain an overview. Please read this ENTIRE post before starting, there’s some important notes you should be aware of. To do this job well, you will need access to tiny screwdrivers, a hobby knife, wire strippers, and soldering equipment.

Note: Please refer to this blog post for steps 1, and 2:

1)Hidden mode switch

Power off the tx, and take out the batteries. Open on the dx5e. Locate the hidden mode switch, and select mode 1. Mode 1 has the throttle and elevator in the correct positions, so that means you only have to switch half as many wires as converting a mode 2.

2) Ratchet and spring

If necessary, swap the ratchet and spring from left stick to right stick. (mine was already in mode 1).

3) Swap the stick/potentiometer wires

You will now have to locate the wires going from the rudder and aileron potentiomoters (sticks), and take pictures of the wires in case you forget which wire was where when you started. I just wrote down the order of the colors on each side when i did it, but a photo is easier.
Remember during this step that we are working on the horizontal-movement sticks. (don’t touch the vertical sticks or their trims, these are already correct). Each stick is attached to a potentiometer with three wires. A red one (+) a black one (-) and third color (signal). these two pairs of three wires connect to the circuit board. Your task is to connect each 3-wire pair to the opposite connection point. To do this you can either:
a) disconnect the multi-wire connectors from the boards, pop out the wires you need using an exacto knife or tinyt screwdriver, pop them back into the opposite connector, and replug the connectors into the board, or
b) cut the six wires, re-match the ends to the opposide side, and solder/insultate them again.

4) Trim switches

Follow the same process as #3 to locate the trims, follow their wires to the circuit board, cut all the trim wires, and connect them to the opposite sides (solder/insultate).

note: I can’t remember if it was the potentiometers or the trims that had to be cut. One of them i simply could not disconnect the plugs, and cutting the wires was the only option.

5) Reverse switches

The one thing not covered is the reverse switches for aileron and rudder. The reverse switches on the front of the TX used to reverse servo direction don’t have wires that can simply be cut, and reconnected. you should relabel these two reverse switches on the front of your tx, perhaps with a strip of tape and permanent marker.

6) Put it back together

When you think you’re done, double check all your connections are well done. Trace all the paths again, and refer to your photograph again. People do make mistakes sometimes. If all looks good, close the TX back up in reverse order, add the batteries and power on.

6) Before takeoff…

Double check all of your servos are controlling the correct thing, and see if they are in reverse. If everything works, you’re good!



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