GOBELINS, l’école de l’image: In Search of the Perfect Bounce

I was lucky enough to participate in Gobelins, l’École de l’image’s (Gobelins School of Animation’s) first ever online MOOC (massive open online course), Anima Podi : À la recherche du rebond parfait (In Search of the Perfect Bounce). Focusing on the basic principles of animation, this course used the ball bounce as the medium for […]

Otter Falls to Winnipeg Timelapse

Otter Falls to Winnipeg Timelapse from quicksheep on Vimeo.

Clouds Rollin’ In

A time-lapse of clouds rolling in from my favorite place in the world.

New Quadcopter Motors

Bigger motors has with more power makes my drone much more capable.

Community Garden

As a friend of Urban Eatin’, I was happy to come along and get some aerial footage of a community garden under construction.

Moon Crossing

The moon is constantly moving across the night sky at an imperceptibly slow rate.

Winter Biking on the River Trail

Hung out with a couple of awesome winter bikers to practice tracking a moving target.

Flying the GoPro at Assiniboine Park

This was my first chance to use the gopro, and let me tell you…WOW.

Ashland Field

Just a quick power climb demo. Ever since I reflashed the escapes on the quad copter, if flys like it’s on rails!

Fisher Flex – QAV04

I loaned out the GoPro for a bit so I had to resort to the 808 camera. Filtered the heck out this video. This is the first filmed flight after Flashing my ESCs with the SimonK firmware. It flies like a completely different machine now. Way more stable, and no more oscillations.

Home and Away – QAV03 (unstabilized)

I’m starting to get a feel for the way this thing flies. Still haven’t had a chance to reflash the ESC to eliminate the wobble.

Pembina Fisher Park – QAV01 (UNCUT)

The footage I was getting out of a keychain camera strapped to a badly vibrating 120 size helicopter wasn’t cutting it.

Otter Falls Edit

I recorded snippets of the trip on a keychain camera, having no idea what I filmed until I got back to Winnipeg.

Churchill Park – RC02

A sunny day at Churchill Park. I pushed the heli up higher than before.

The Front Yard – RC01

In August of 2012, I took an interest in remote controlled airplanes.

2008 Honda Fit

began modelling my car in 3D as an introduction to 3DS Max.

WCC Launch Event

Motiongraphics for the Winnipeg Convention Centre expansion launch event.

Ordovician Sea Film

A 3-minute film to explain the creation of Stonewall’s limestone deposits in the Ordovician Sea.

Lime Kiln Film

A 2-minute film with animation to explain how a draw kiln turns rock into lime.

ZBrush Sculpt

This project began as a ZBrush sculpt of a bird general’s head for the Dominance War challenge.

Yamaha YZF R1

This modelling project had been a long-time dream of mine since highschool.

Pixar Lighting & Rendering Challenge

This piece was the result of participation in a lighting & rendering contest on CG society.

Girl Bunny

This was our only lip-syncing project.

Pipe Dream

Projection mapping is a technique that involves

Suiting Up

This was a monstrous project with multiple phases.

Lego Deathstar

A fairly simple assignment.

UV Mapping Texture

Best UV Mapping Texture Ever

When I started learning UV mapping, I found that all of the textures out there were just plain terrible. The contrast and saturation were too high, and they made it painful to look at the model… So I made my own, and it’s awesome. I drew the lines with a one-pixel brush so the lines […]

Flatland Cable Park – Promotional Intro

Daniel Clement & Justin Lamoureux, two active members of the Manitoban wakeboard community, have teamed up

Yoyojam/DC Shoes – TV Spot

This project was one component of a larger campaign.

Drop In TV – 30 Sec. Bumper

DropIn TV is a reality tv show in which a goup of prefessional mountain bikers