FortWhyte Alive – Donor Wall

I worked with the team at Manoverboard and FortWhyte alive to devise a method of managing digital donor wall data on the RiseVision platform using a connected google spreadsheet. role: developer Completed while employed at Manoverboard

National Gypsum Motiongraphics

A motiongraphics piece for National Gypsum’s Sustainability Report

Winnipeg Convention Centre Expansion

When the Winnipeg Convention Centre threw an event to introduce the upcoming expansion of the centre, they worked with Manoverboard to produce a set of designed materials. We designed press releases, one pagers and sell sheets, popup banners, swag, and motiongraphics for the event. Role: Graphic Designer Completed while employed at Manoverboard.

Ordovician Sea Film

A 3-minute film to explain the creation of Stonewall’s limestone deposits in the Ordovician Sea.

Lime Kiln Film

A 2-minute film with animation to explain how a draw kiln turns rock into lime.

Flatland Cable Park – Promotional Intro

Daniel Clement & Justin Lamoureux, two active members of the Manitoban wakeboard community, have teamed up

Yoyojam/DC Shoes – TV Spot

This project was one component of a larger campaign.

Drop In TV – 30 Sec. Bumper

DropIn TV is a reality tv show in which a goup of prefessional mountain bikers