RBC Convention Centre – Construction Timelapse

Timelapse of the construction of the RBC Convention Centre.

Otter Falls to Winnipeg Timelapse

Otter Falls to Winnipeg Timelapse from quicksheep on Vimeo.

Clouds Rollin’ In

A time-lapse of clouds rolling in from my favorite place in the world.

New Quadcopter Motors

Bigger motors has with more power makes my drone much more capable.

Community Garden

As a friend of Urban Eatin’, I was happy to come along and get some aerial footage of a community garden under construction.

Moon Crossing

The moon is constantly moving across the night sky at an imperceptibly slow rate.

Winter Biking on the River Trail

Hung out with a couple of awesome winter bikers to practice tracking a moving target.

Flying the GoPro at Assiniboine Park

This was my first chance to use the gopro, and let me tell you…WOW.

Ashland Field

Just a quick power climb demo. Ever since I reflashed the escapes on the quad copter, if flys like it’s on rails!

Fisher Flex – QAV04

I loaned out the GoPro for a bit so I had to resort to the 808 camera. Filtered the heck out this video. This is the first filmed flight after Flashing my ESCs with the SimonK firmware. It flies like a completely different machine now. Way more stable, and no more oscillations.

Home and Away – QAV03 (unstabilized)

I’m starting to get a feel for the way this thing flies. Still haven’t had a chance to reflash the ESC to eliminate the wobble.

Pembina Fisher Park – QAV01 (UNCUT)

The footage I was getting out of a keychain camera strapped to a badly vibrating 120 size helicopter wasn’t cutting it.

Otter Falls Edit

I recorded snippets of the trip on a keychain camera, having no idea what I filmed until I got back to Winnipeg.

Churchill Park – RC02

A sunny day at Churchill Park. I pushed the heli up higher than before.

The Front Yard – RC01

In August of 2012, I took an interest in remote controlled airplanes.

WCC Launch Event

Motiongraphics for the Winnipeg Convention Centre expansion launch event.

Ordovician Sea Film

A 3-minute film to explain the creation of Stonewall’s limestone deposits in the Ordovician Sea.

Lime Kiln Film

A 2-minute film with animation to explain how a draw kiln turns rock into lime.

Flatland Cable Park – Promotional Intro

Daniel Clement & Justin Lamoureux, two active members of the Manitoban wakeboard community, have teamed up

Yoyojam/DC Shoes – TV Spot

This project was one component of a larger campaign.

Drop In TV – 30 Sec. Bumper

DropIn TV is a reality tv show in which a goup of prefessional mountain bikers