Handcrafted HiFi – 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers in Wenge

A two-way speaker with an original crossover design. A full range is paired with a soft-down tweeter to flatten out the highs and soften the sound. Cabinets are 1/4″ of solid wenge wood, glued to 1/4″ of MDF.

Handcrafted HiFi – Monoliths

Desk speakers, built tall to put the speaker higher up and closer to the ear. They also angle up slightliy for a unique look, and to direct the sound to your ears.  

Nelson Bench DIY - Complete

Building a Nelson Bench from Scratch (DIY)

I have always wanted to have a Nelson Bench. I consider it to be one of the most striking and timeless pieces I’ve ever come across—that and the Eames Lounger, of course.


Custom Office Desk Using Ikea Table Top (DIY)

Ikea top, with a custom made original support design.


Building a Collapsible Steering Wheel Stand for Driving Simulators and Racing Games (DIY)

I got obsessed with Gran Turismo 6 for a while, and needed something collapsible to put my steering wheel on.


Wooden Sword

In a couple hours you can transform an old 2×4 into a sweet wooden sword. Find the Centers Adjust Your Blade Angle Adjust your compound Mitre Saw Shape the Handle Build the Hilt Paint It Wrap It Cap It Begin Battle


Building an Animation Table From Scratch (DIY)

This Christmas I took on a pretty big project in total secrecy. I built Denise an animation table.


Knife Dots™ – Product

Knife Dots are the first invention that I’ve seen through to the end.


Automoto – A Stop Motion Animation by Neil McInnes for the Winnipeg Film Group

Back in college, I was invited by my instructor Neil McInnes to take part in the production of a stop-motion film named Automoto.