Speaker/Headphone Switch

My computer at work didn’t have a 1/4″ headphone jack, so I built simple box that did. It allows me to switch between headphones (1/4″ or 1/8″) or speakers. I also added a volume control for the headphones.


The phonoBLUEâ„¢ is a piece of stereo equipment. More info coming soon…

Handcrafted HIFI™ ‘The Cubes’

I finished my first ever pair of speakers. A simple sealed, single-driver design. Coming soon to a bookshelf near you…

Building a Drone

Once you’ve decided you want to start this hobby, and before you run out to the local hobby store, or order a bunch of parts on a RTF helicopter online, my advice is this. Learn to fly WELL in a safe place. Consider a Ready To Fly (rtf) model. Use common sense, and then some.

Headphone Repairs

Repaired my phone with coat hangers, shoelaces, and scrap wood.

Super Simple Camera Actuator

What You’ll Need Required 3M Adhesive Pads Servo Servo Mounts Servo Horn Actuator Rod (use what you got) Standard GoPro Mount

Animation Table

This Christmas I took on a pretty big project in total secrecy. I built Denise an animation table.


Drew up some plans based on what I’ve learned about planes over the past couple weeks. I’ve decided to base my model off of a CEA-309. While I’ve reduced the fuselage to a stick, the wing and empenage surfaces are roughly the same. I’ll have to tweak as I go as this is my first […]