STAND! Movie – Poster

Worked with Danny Schurr to create his vision for the poster. As seen on IMDB. *the following is an excerpt from* An immigrant Romeo & Juliet battle for love and a better future during a time of social upheaval. Director Robert Adetuyi (“Stomp the Yard”, “Bring It On”) teams up with two-time Emmy Award-winning […]

Reggae In Da’ Night – Tickets

DJ Girl Cherise needed some tickets for her first comeback raggae concert, Reggae In ‘Da Night.

Why Join the GDC?

Completed for the Manitoba chapter of the GDC.

Consultant with Pink Hair

Completed while employed at manoverboard.

Yoyojam/DC Shoes – Collectible YoYo Tins

This project was one component of an larger campaign.

Link Pins Poster & Album Art

A poster for a local music producer’s compilation release Link Pins.

Type Noir – The Old Faces

This hand-bound publication catalogs and explores a collection of blackletter typefaces.

Retro-Techno – Technological Oddities From The Not So Distant Past

This hand-bound publication catalogs a collection of original photographs from a common theme, out-dated technology.


Crankworx is an annual mountain bike festival and competition in Whistler BC.