North Island Industries

An invigorating refresh of an existing construction company brand.

Fat Boys Football Club

A quick logo for a friend’s football team jerseys.

KlezFest Logo

Original hand-rendered type completed while employed at Manoverboard.

Winnipeg Construction Association Logo

Logo completed as an employee of Manoverboard.

Profound Cloud Logo

Completed while employed at Manoverboard.

Vertical Adventures Identity

A brand new logo for Vertical Adventures climbing gym.

Phoenix 8C

Phoenix 8c is a Candian distributor of quality, affordable climbing gear.

Wonton Food Inc Logo

Completed while employed at Manoverboard.

Knife Dots – Identity

This logo was created for the new product/small business I created.

Brickhouse Gym

The Brickhouse Gym offers effective one-on-one physical training and group classes.


This was my former identity. The type is hand rendered.

Rolling River

A logo created for a fictional brewery.