Nunatsiaq News role: designer & developer completed while employed at manoverboard.

ToughDuck Website role: developer completed while employed at manoverboard.


Role: Design & Development

STAND! Movie – Poster

Worked with Danny Schurr to create his vision for the poster. As seen on IMDB. *the following is an excerpt from* An immigrant Romeo & Juliet battle for love and a better future during a time of social upheaval. Director Robert Adetuyi (“Stomp the Yard”, “Bring It On”) teams up with two-time Emmy Award-winning […]

STAND! Movie – Website

Visit the website: Stand! Movie *the following is an excerpt from* An immigrant Romeo & Juliet battle for love and a better future during a time of social upheaval. Director Robert Adetuyi (“Stomp the Yard”, “Bring It On”) teams up with two-time Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Roy Wagner in this movie adaptation of Juno-award-winning composer […]

Jack Frost Challenge 2019

I had the pleasure of working with the Green Action Centre in Winnipeg to develop new branding for the Jack Frost Challenge, an annual winter commuter challenge. Work completed as an employee of Manoverboard.

Red River College role: developer completed while employed at manoverboard

North Island Industries

An invigorating refresh of an existing construction company brand.

Fat Boys Football Club

A quick logo for a friend’s football team jerseys.


Role: Developer

Polo Park Dental

Role: Developer

Stu Slayen Consulting

Role: Developer

Pearl Consulting

Role: Developer


Role: Developer

Reggae In Da’ Night – Tickets

DJ Girl Cherise needed some tickets for her first comeback raggae concert, Reggae In ‘Da Night.

KlezFest Logo

Original hand-rendered type completed while employed at Manoverboard.

Maestral International role: developer.

Winnipeg Construction Association Logo

Logo completed as an employee of Manoverboard.

Oak Hill Advisors


Ulicny is a strategic marketing and communications firm exclusively focused on the financial services industry. Role: Design and Code

Join GDC, MB

A website promoting the reasons why designers should join our local chapter of the GDC. Role: Responsive styling for mobile devices.

Generation Foundation

A seperate website for Generation Investment Management’s foundation. Generation IM is the asset management company of Al Gore, and David Blood.

University of Manitoba News

The University of Manitoba’s news portal. Highly responsive.

RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg

Winnipeg is investing over 2 billion in it’s infrastructure—its Canada’s newest convention centre. Role: Coding and styling.

The Saul & Claribel Simkin Centre

The Simkin Centre is a mostly jewish retirement home.

Wolfensohn Fund Management

A redesign of Wolfensohn Fund Management L.P.’s website. Wolfensohn Fund Management is chaired by James Wolfensohn, former president of the World Bank.

St Alphonsus School

An exciting new responsive and content rich website for St. Alphonsus Catholic School.

Opportunity Media

Opportunity Media provides exclusive direct response representation for A&E/Lifetime Networks, including Lifetime.

STRIKE! The Movie

The award-winning 2005 stage musical by Danny Schur & Rick Chafe becomes a major movie musical.

CJNA Architects

CJNA Architects is dedicated to providing its clients with integrated planning and design services.

Profound Cloud Logo

Completed while employed at Manoverboard.

RM Strategic Marketing

RM Strategic Marketing specializes in creative market planning and communications for the financial services industry. We offer professional resources in business planning, target marketing, copywriting, graphic design, and website design and development.

Vertical Adventures Identity

A brand new logo for Vertical Adventures climbing gym.

Why Join the GDC?

Completed for the Manitoba chapter of the GDC.

ABE Report

Addressing Barriers, Expanding Options: A practical strategy for integrating Information and Learning Technology in Adult Basic Education.

Phoenix 8C

Phoenix 8c is a Candian distributor of quality, affordable climbing gear.

Blended Value

BV is simply a conceptual framework for advancing a vision of value creation which is not based upon a bifurcated understanding of the nature of value (either/or), but rather a unified, holistic understanding of value as “both/and,” integrated and non-divisible.

Mogility Media

Mogility is a multifaceted venture firm bringing capital investment and operational business support to select Seed and Early-Stage companies, focusing on innovative technologies and solutions.

Change Advisors

Change Advisors is dedicated to providing new opportunities and ideas to businesses and organizations.

Consultant with Pink Hair

Completed while employed at manoverboard.

Wonton Food Inc Logo

Completed while employed at Manoverboard.

ACIA Report

The Arctic Communications Infrastructure Assessment (ACIA) identifies the issues and challenges facing governments and service providers in ensuring the Canadian Arctic is properly connected for the benefit of Arctic citizens and all Canadians.

Knife Dots – Identity

This logo was created for the new product/small business I created.

30 Day Drawing Challenge

Denise & I have drawn a picture every day for the past 30 days!

Tourism Map

This piece is a 40 inch touch screen panel at the entrance of the Stonewall Quarry Park Heritage Arts Centre‘s Interpretive Centre.

Manitoba Rocks Gallery

A 40 inch touch screen presentation to show how glaciers shaped many of the features in Stonewall Quarry Park.

Brickhouse Gym

The Brickhouse Gym offers effective one-on-one physical training and group classes.


This was my former identity. The type is hand rendered.

Yoyojam/DC Shoes – Collectible YoYo Tins

This project was one component of an larger campaign.

Aston Martin Vanquish

This was an exercise in vector illustration.

Link Pins Poster & Album Art

A poster for a local music producer’s compilation release Link Pins.

Type Noir – The Old Faces

This hand-bound publication catalogs and explores a collection of blackletter typefaces.

Retro-Techno – Technological Oddities From The Not So Distant Past

This hand-bound publication catalogs a collection of original photographs from a common theme, out-dated technology.

Vis. Ex. 1

This illustration was a sort of collage project which involved taking reference photos at a local herritage museum,


Crankworx is an annual mountain bike festival and competition in Whistler BC.

Architectural Composition – Greyscale

The goal was to take a collection of reference photo’s of the interior/exterior of my college’s campus, and then


An illustration of a bio-mechanical robot in the style of Feng Zhu.

Rolling River

A logo created for a fictional brewery.

Dylan Tremblay – Charicature

Charicature of professional biker Dylan Tremblay.