GOBELINS, l’école de l’image: In Search of the Perfect Bounce

Anima Podi : À la recherche du rebond I was lucky enough to participate in Gobelins, l’École de l’image’s (Gobelins School of Animation’s) first ever online MOOC (massive open online course), Anima Podi : À la recherche du rebond parfait (In Search of the Perfect Bounce). Focusing on the basic principles of animation, this course […]

2008 Honda Fit

began modelling my car in 3D as an introduction to 3DS Max.

ZBrush Sculpt

This project began as a ZBrush sculpt of a bird general’s head for the Dominance War challenge.

Yamaha YZF R1

This modelling project had been a long-time dream of mine since highschool.

Pixar Lighting & Rendering Challenge

This piece was the result of participation in a lighting & rendering contest on CG society.

Girl Bunny

This was our only lip-syncing project.

Pipe Dream

Projection mapping is a technique that involves

Suiting Up

This was a monstrous project with multiple phases.

Lego Deathstar

A fairly simple assignment.

UV Mapping Texture

Best UV Mapping Texture Ever

When I started learning UV mapping, I found that all of the textures out there were just plain terrible. The contrast and saturation were too high, and they made it painful to look at the model… So I made my own, and it’s awesome. I drew the lines with a one-pixel brush so the lines […]